Of laziness & soggy pretzels…

I thought it was about time that i wrote a blog on music and what it means and does for me….
I bought quite a few albums recently mostly via iTunes out of convenience or laziness like some would call it…and that’s fine..cause laziness is the effort one makes to be as efficient as possible.

 Anyway…i bought stuff by the Isaacs, Hall & Oates, Jerry Lee Lewis,Gene Vincent,Charlie Louvin,Little River Band, Simon and Garfunkel,George Duke, Starland Vocal Band,King’s Singers Jenny Lewis, and EH&SSQ.
Now all great artists and all great albums, some i owned already on vinyl, and some I didn’t.
I’m a real musiclover….I love shows like Elvis’ Costello’s ‘Spectacle’ where Elvis has great in-depth interviews with all kinds of artists, who influenced them, and why.
What songs they cherish, grew up on, and what they wanna say with the music.
Most of the interviewed answer to the last question that they wanna entertain people…or that need a creative outlet…and they found that in music. Outlet must equal input…..right?
I can relate to that…how miserable life would be without music. Of course there’s more to life than music alone…but Aldous Huxley once said; ‘ After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music’. And that is in my life so true…some emotions/problems seem only to be accessible or solved by a piece of music. By no means I am suggesting that emotional imbalance/struggles will vanish…or problems solved. But most struggles/problems/worries/fears are deeply rooted in our mind..the brain….our brain works funny, plays tricks and is above all our own. So a lot of things we struggle with are battles of our own makings…so we’re are struggling with ourselves. ..and get all wrapped up in it, and the windmills of our minds are sometimes approaching the dazzling rpm’s of a Bell 206B3 JetRanger at full speed!
Hearing the right piece of music, paired with a lyrical content that either matches your ‘suffering’ or that places it in perspective can make a world of difference.
Let me break it down for you, for instance when a song’s lyrical content matches our struggle….we feel recognized or validated..and realize that we’re not alone…someone wrote the lyrics and thus had a similar experience.
That realisation alone works wonders for most of us…why do u think a lot of people love blues music? Neil Diamond sang a song that had the line in it…‘ I’m crying in my pretzels’…how weird it that picture might seem, that visual of ultimate sorrow, or self-pity, outlandish as the notion may seem, of someone actually crying on their pretzels, it might have helped someone through a rough spot at one point.
Same goes for Ray Charles’s ‘Drown in My Own Tears’…the epitome of self-pity in song.
Now it’s not only songs that match our emotional turmoil that can set us free…some light diddies like oblidi-oblida (life goes on), or a song with a message like ‘And Their Hearts were full of Spring’ or The Nelons and the Sun’s Coming Up in The Morning….can elevate our thought, and make us smile about our so-called hardships….and place it in perspective.

We as Gospel music lovers are especially blessed and have an advantage over folks who listen only to ‘secular’ music…which is primarily written from a human perspective, and consequently speaks mostly of how we try to solve the problems by ourselves.
Gospel songs are pieces of portable theology Gloria Gaither once said, and are mostly written by people who were inspired (def-inspiration=
a. a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.
b. the divine quality of the writings or words of a person so influenced.

But even ‘worldly’  music can minister one way or the other…God doesn’t exclusively uses Christian artists per se.
Sometimes help can come from a complete stranger, just remember that.

I love music….and help is on the way!



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