Common ground!

Wanna talk about fighting! I’m not talking about  spiritual battles, or a ‘fight’ in the stand up doing the right kind of thing….whatever the hell that may be!  Neither am I thinking of a exchange of not so flattering words between individuals. No I mean a real physical confrontation, going head to head. Some of us have fought once, or twice in our lives. Mostly these fights have taken place in our youth. Usually as we get older our brain and its ability to reason generally develops to a certain level of intellect. So that most of our disagreements can be defused, or solved completely by choosing the right words.

Yet despite of the fact of our ability to verbally reason with one another. The world has been a stage for war, suffering and chaos, almost from its infancy on. Daily reports on the perpetual turmoil in the world. Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan  you name it! We’re either in it, or selling guns to the most profitable party. Profitable? Yes still there are numerous locations who don’t get the media coverage. Some because they simply are strategically or economically insignificant, or they just don’t care. In short, not worth the fight!.

Don’t wanna go into the socio-economic and political motives behind wars. I want to address the fact that how unbelievable weird humanity is getting. How we’ve become so hypocritical, and delusional that we actually made rules on what’s fair in war. And enforce these rules with a double standard. Some countries are not allowed to have a nuclear program,  yet some countries are allowed to have nuclear arsenal! So we even gone so far that we actually determined what the civilized ways are to kill our enemies. Chemical weapons are a big no-no nowadays….we stopped the nuclear race…but kept running all the while. Back in the 20th century (1993) 165 of 189 countries signed the Chemical Weapons Convention. An arms control agreement which outlaws the production, stockpiling, and use of chemical weapons. Well that’s great news! As a lot of you guys might be exclaiming right now. A poignant question presents itself! Why? Why ban one weapon, to fully embrace another? Because the other is more humane? While the other is considered savage? Is one death by an act of violence more dignified than another? Of course one death can be more gruesome than the other. But who cares? You got an enemy you wanna get rid of, so why bother thinking if it might be painful or uncivilized? Why grow a conscious all of a sudden?Never gotten the public outrage against so-called dirty weapons/warfare.  It can solve some conflict better than isolated drone attacks. Why send our guys into a deathtrap, and not smoke the bastards are out?! Depending of who we dubbed ‘bastards’ that year we are about to bring the peace forcefully, and our fallen ones are used to emphasize the fact that we are committed and resolved.

Back to why in the world somebody paired the word dirty to fighting!  A quick flashback now to my schooldays. I was a new kid in school and found myself cornered by this big bully.  And took the dumb-ass down with a blow on the adams apple, and a fierce kick in his nuts. There were kids all around us, who witnessed my pre-emptive strike. Some of whom were genuinely upset that I’ve eliminated the bully the way I did. I was about 10 at the time. The guy I took out was about 12 or 13. In the weeks prior to my anti-heroic act, I’d seen him work the schoolyard always targeting smaller kids. Humiliating and having ‘fun‘ with them, obviously so he could cover his pathetic low self-esteem issues, and fulfill his sadistic needs (Dr Phil would have a field day with this one). So when the day came that he cornered me I knew I wasn’t going down, but he was. I had envisioned him going down long before this day came. So when the moment presented itself , I already had a battle plan, and knew how to make that vision reality. So I launched my knuckles towards his throat.  His ‘family jewels’ were my rebound targets, or my plan B in case he wouldn’t go down. When I hit him, he reached with both hands to his throat gasping for air still standing on his feet. At that moment he was no longer a threat. It was a T.K.O. really,  but I was a sucker for drama back then too, and I wasn’t quite satisfied about him still standing. So I kicked him in between his legs and he went down, he fell hard on his knees, hands still on throat, and fell face down on the pavement. He had quite a big nose really, so he broke that and had to have surgery on the monstrous thing! I think I kinda helped him along the way with that low self-esteem problem.

I don’t care really, because I felt like Lee Majors the six million dollar man! Even expected Jaime Sommers to come running  around the corner in slow motion to throw herself at her hero! Her hair dancing in the air like in a shampoo commercial. After that brief moment of sheer euphoria, another reality kicked me in the behind. No Jaime Sommers, no hero status! I was frowned upon for dirty fighting….by these already conditioned politically correct kids. Still most of the children were secretly intrigued by the fact that this new kid had taken out this nuisance in such an effective manner. And before long I had more ‘friends’ than ever before, well ’em followers.

In the grown up world we frown upon people who use dirty bombs, chemical agents, and other so-called despicable weaponry. But please explain why can we use bullets, grenades, drones, missiles and other devastating arms to murder, eliminate, or exterminate our enemies, and call the ones who fire, launch or deliver them heroes? Taking hundreds of life with all the before mentioned ‘good and honest‘ arms. A violent death is a violent death, no matter what caused it. What is the difference between slavery, and the exploitation of children in the garment industry all over the world? What’s the difference between Hitler’s endlösung, and the Indian removal act of 1830?  The trail of tears killed thousands of native americans, and ruined their way of life, and culture. So a real nation has been inhialated….in the process robbing the new nation and it’s foundation of its dignity! Why is one man’s death less tragic than another? Why is one way to die worse than another? In a non violent situation there’s a difference, one rather dies in his sleep than in a plane crash. But we’re at war people. We want to win! Why care how the enemy goes down? War has only one objective and that is winning! Not a battle, but the war! Right?

Right! So quit you’re political correct fake outrage when the enemy is using dirty weapons, the outrage should focus on the fact that we all have blood on our hands. And quit defending the government, and the military because they are spreading the peace, and bring the elevated concept of democracy. For crying out loud,  do you really believe  in that crap?!  Larry Norman wrote a song back in the early 70’s, and I want to share a verse with you.

“You are far across the ocean but the war is not your own,
And while you’re winning theirs, you’re gonna lose the one at home;
Do you really think the only way to bring about the peace
Is to sacrifice your children, and kill all your enemies?

Well maybe Larry was full of it too…so let’s agree on a few things….if we pick a fight, let’s be honest about  the why’s! And don’t let us be gurgling down the sweet nectar of deception with our eyes closed,  and call it ‘keeping the peace’. It’s not about peace, it’s all about the money. And let us solemnly swear we don’t get appalled by dead children who were slain by chemical weapons, while we turn our heads from the 15000 kids that starve everyday! Everyday! Where’s the outrage now?! Well we can send all our sons and daughters to the honorable battlefields, As long as we avoid the nitty-gritty of the barren plains scattered with dried out corpses, it can never be honorable.

The definition of peace is; ‘a lack of war or conflict, or the existence of harmony and general goodwill‘.

Goodwill..hah! We associate goodwill with a store. With a great find! A good deal on a antique clock or rare record. ‘A lack of war or conflict, or the existence of harmony and general goodwill‘. Man that’s such a wonderful definition, almost poetry..and with initiatives like  the Chemical Weapons Convention we profess to strive for that , but we don’t really believe in it. Because the second part of the definition of peace is where lays the problem. We can’t exist in harmony, and general goodwill. I can’t, you can’t…we are all bad to the bone! Think of that when you express yourself harshly about your advesaries…think of all the children dying of thirst and hunger. Oh what’s that? You give to charitable causes? That’s nice, so you signed a check once or twice, donated some and didn’t think twice? Think of all the times you complained about the healthcare plan, or the freaking gas prices. The latter is quite ironic I must say…we spent billions of dollars invading and annexing countries with vast oil supplies, and yet we pay more every day! The same people complaining about that, support the troops, and have bumper stickers to prove it! Of course supporting the troops is understandable, they just follow orders and don’t have a the nazi’s said…’befehl ist befehl’ meaning an order is an order. So who’s to blame? The President? Who is also the commander-in-chief! The one you chose, or opposed, but since he is in office you stand with in unity!  If you try to explain this stuff to a 6-year-old they will tell you this a stupid story. A kid won’t buy this crap, they just demand a better story!

Peace?There will never be any peace until God is seated at the conference table…you know it, and I know it, we all know it.


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