The Oddball #1

There’s a few songs that I think are brilliant, genius even…and somehow I rarely see these songs mentioned on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere really.  Which makes me think I’m superior, or just weird. Just thinking the first made the second one reality…realising that, and owning up to it, is what makes me superior, which makes me both. Anyway one of those songs is entitled ‘I Am The Lighthouse’. It’s sung by The Gaither Vocal Band and it was featured on the ‘New Point of View’ album(1984).  The line-up at that time was Jon Mohr bass, Bill Gaither baritone, Gary McSpadden lead, and the incomparable Larnelle Harris on the high end…the tenorsinger!  The song is written by Jon Mohr who is besides a very gifted singer also a marvelous writer. This guy is a minstrel….a story teller….the words are carefully selected, the chorus firmly anchored, the bridge carved by the hand of the Master. Here are the words to the bridge;

“How many years will a man stay blind, before he learns to see?
And how many doors will a man kick down, while I offer him the key?
And as I begin to light the way, will he fail to recognize
That I’m here to light his path, not blind his eyes?

The song starts out with a muted acoustic guitar, as Mohr starts talking, he’s not singing yet. Then his talking transforms into a melodious narration , his voice feeds you the story. Amazing range for a bass singer, so versatile. In the many ‘who is your favorite bass singer discussions‘ on social media sites Jon Mohr’s name is seldom mentioned…which is because I think he’s a vocalist, not cramped or locked in one register, kinda stealthy so under the radar, took keep things nautical of course.  Gary McSpadden ushers us into the chorus like only Gary can…what a lead singer that guy was! The harmonies are light, somewhat angelic..but in a synthetic way..hey! those were the 80’s. All kidding aside…harmonies are superb!

Like I mentioned before the theme of the song is nautical, which is of course a metaphor for our life’s journey. Should we adhere to the Lighthouse-keeper? Or just sail away? Do we want to reach a destination, or is there really no one at the helm? Do we want to expose ourselves unnecessarily to all the elements on the troubled water? In storms we need to the directions so bad! Even when the wind is low, we need assurance the winds of the Spirit will pick up again, moving us forward, towards the haven of rest.

Check your compass! Are you on the right course? Or are you in desperate need for a word from the Lighthouse? Or is your situation so urgent that you already need the Lifeboat? No worries, didn’t you know that the Lighthouse-keeper also doubles as Captain of the Lifeboat? He’s standing steadfast on the bridge of forgiveness throwing you your lifeline!

Great song, listen to it, there’s a link to the song here;

and one for the lyrics here;

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