Nothing Keeps You From His Love

If we would only remember that we have nothing to bring to Him….we came empty-handed and leave with nothing to show for it! Lately I’ve noticed that Christianity is so often misrepresented…Christianity kinda says it all….the religious name for what is supposed to be a personal relationship and thus a personal thing! A love affair rather than a relationship…because He first loved me! We are all undeserving, yet so arrogant, ignorant and blindsided by politics, religion and other self-serving shameless motivations. The instigators of  self-righteousness politics and religion! Those two combined are the recipe for a rarely seen Christlike outcome. Billy Graham is probably the only one who pulled that off…. probably. I’m often ashamed to admit I am a Christian…because so many in my ranks are trying to run the show! Telling what to do…what is the right thing to do…and actually thinking they are right! There’s no right way! George Younce always said ‘I’ve got my house in order, and I’m ready to go! Remember that,  no matter how tidy your house might be….it’s still a dirty ol’ barn compared to that mansion  that J.C. build with his own hands! So if you live in the White House or the farmhouse, the basement, or the penthouse….it is all crap..…. shabby! But luckily He’s only interested in the occupants of those meager quarters…the tenants!  How fancier the house you leave behind the greater the debt…in the Bible it says that it’s harder for a rich man to enter heaven, and so on. Y’all remember that one, don’t you? Stop following the almighty dollar-ministers, the religious Dr Phill-like clones! Stop thinking Osteen has it down, or even Billy Graham! Stop believing in those prosperity feel good reli-tainment shows. It is all about the money, that’s not even funny! It all about that and not about the Good News! The Good News is lovenot hate! What the hell happened to ‘love your enemies? Some hate cops, some black folks, some jews, muslims, and some even hate gay people! A questions for all my homo-hating brothers and sisters…. when did you consciously choose to be straight? Is it a sin? Yes it is…like everything else we do…there’s no good in any of us…no one was, or ever will be worthy! Except that special one! The one we sing about ( in church)….the only one!

We’re  not working on a building when our own houses are falling apart at the seams….we all have our hands full to keep it all in order…so are we really ready to go? The line ‘ many are called but few will answer’ comes to mind.

I like to believe that the greatest commandment is still the best compass to complete my journey with! Maybe I will hear ‘sorry dude…you took the wrong’re is hell!   But you know…I’ve  read the Bible…and I’ve  read other stuff too. Usually I get the essence of a book in a heartbeat….but the Word is a different story all together in that last respect! A different story…one that no one really ever really gets….let alone being able to live it! Why I believe no one really understands it to the fullest? Because we can’t comprehend that kind of love! Anything we do down here,  is just a bad re-enactment of the real thing! That He so gracefully displayed!

This writing is probably nothing more than adding to the mountain op corrupted opinions…but at least I’m honest about that possibility! And don’t claim to portray Christ…how could I? I hope I sometimes by accident radiate His love….but being in an honest state…I rarely do! I am an elusive, distant, and  often misunderstood guy. Very picky with friends, food and music. Cold to most who he doesn’t want to know. I admit that I exclude people based on their general intellectual  impression. You’ve gotta understand that I find most people boring and dumb!

I do…. which says a lot about me, and less about the others, but there’s a lot of superficial dumb asses out there! And I’m not talking about Christianity alone anymore….that is wishful thinking on the heathens part…the whole world is full of shit!  We pride ourselves in the fact we hold all that shit together.

Well done my good and  faithful servant! See? Absolutely nothing,  nothing keeps you from His love!


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