Review: Michael English-Worship


track list:

  1. Blessed Be Your Name
  2. 10.000 reasons
  3. A little more Jesus
  4. My Chains are gone
  5. Everybody clap your hands
  6. O the Blood
  7. Let It Rain
  8. No Weapon
  9. He’s Able
  10. Revelation Song
  11. Hallelujah for the Cross

I never liked ‘praise & worship’ music, and after listening to this album my opinion hasn’t changed.  P&W is too repetitive for my taste, lyrically shallow and musically uninteresting. Thank God for singers like Michael English who are capable to salvage this equivalent to elevator music within the sacred music field to some extent. But not even his remarkable unique talent can fully redeem this gospel for the spiritless.  I will limit myself to mentioning the songs that are ‘okay’.

I kinda like Erica Campbell’s ‘A Little More Jesus’ because it fits more in the black gospel bracket if anything else. And Michael W.Smith’s ‘Let it Rain’ is the highlight on the album which kinda says it all! There’s nothing on the album that did it for me…just two songs..that’s it!

This kind of music leaves absolute no room for real creative interpretation as far as vocal arrangements….most chorusses are done in unison, and the music is generally a wall of sound. Michael exceptional voice sticks out like a sore thumb with a backdrop like this!

Imagine attending a concert of Michael doing this dead stuff ‘live’ with canned music…to me it would be torture. Why? Because this guy is too good a singer to be doing generic stuff like this!


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